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Supporting the Most Vulnerable

The Case for a GBA+ Approach to Emergency and Disaster Planning

Co-authored by YWCA NWT and the Yellowknife Women's Society, this briefing note is intended to inform decision-makers about the necessity of a GBA+ approach to risk assessment and emergency planning. The experiences of our organizations during the 2023 evacuation and the challenges supporting our clientele has been a catalyst for action on this issue. Looking to 2024's wildfire season, we believe it is essential for those in leadership positions to ensure their responses are intersectional, compassionate, and centred around uplifting the most vulnerable in our communities.

The full briefing note can be read here:

Briefing Note_ GBA+ Emergency Planning
Download PDF • 485KB

It has been shared with leadership at the City of Yellowknife and the Government of the Northwest Territories. We welcome and encourage members of the public to read and learn about the importance of intersectional emergency planning for our community!

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