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Street Outreach Van - (867) 445-7202

The Street Outreach Van operates from 10 am to 10 pm each day. 

If you encounter an individual outside in Yellowknife, or inside a business, who seems

to be in distress, but is not committing a crime or in need of urgent medical care,

please call (867) 445-7202 for assistance.

About Street Outreach

Yellowknife Street Outreach began operating on July 17th, 2017. The aim of the Street Outreach Program is to address the needs of the Yellowknife street-involved population by providing for basic needs, such as water and snacks.  The van also carries a first aid kit and a naloxone kit as well as condoms and referral pamphlets for community agencies and services. We offer safe rides to various locations, including shelters, homes, and health service providers. 


By extension, this service provides support to the RCMP and Emergency Medical Services, by addressing non-emergency calls related to individuals who are sleeping and/or intoxicated in public, and peace of mind to the public, by providing an on-call presence to address concerns about the safety of street-involved individuals in the community.

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